1. Astrovision Sessions: Using your astrological birth chart based on birth date / time and location, we look at your strengths and challenges at your birth. We then talk about your experiences from birth until now, which may or may not have had a lasting impact on your personality.

Examples of what makes for a sense of yourself that we help you get in touch with are your sense of:

- stability, creativity, courage, physical energy, ambition, warmth towards those you work and play with


-  the depth and breadth of your ability to focus, articulate and persist thus making you capable of responding to opportunities and challenges which are presented to you every day, month, and year.

Once we work together to identify your inborn and acquired strengths and weakness , we start coaching you through a series of sessions to make you stronger and more effective in your life by:

- reflecting on your current daily schedule and habits to see what can change over a reasonable period to time, from within days to years.

- exercises and posture routines.

- breath work routines tailored to immediate and longer term objectives of the coaching sessions.

- sense withdrawal training for deep relaxation.

- focus and concentration training.

- contemplation and deep introspection exercises.

What will you get out of these sessions?

The very first session will give you clarity about your strengths and weaknesses in a practical way. We will then weave the insights together so that you can begin to articulate your strengths and weaknesses more clearly for yourself by:

Developing a chart of where you want to reach in different aspects of yourself over a period of time, from weeks to months to years.

Astrovision enables your coach to see what aspects of your birth chart are being activated at any given time and accordingly adjust training and practices. For example, if, according to your birth chart, you are going through a particularly difficult period of Saturn, along with Mercury being retrograde, the coaching practice would focus on your analytical capability requiring patience in handling even as you expect obstacles and testing situations. This will make you stronger in the longer run.

At each step of the path you will sense that you are becoming more aware and are living effectively. You will become much better in responding to opportunities and challenges that your environment presents you or where your aspirations drive you.

2. Biovision sessions: If you do not have or do not wish to share your accurate birth date / time and location information required for Astrovision coaching sessions, we will do all that we described above using information that you will provide to the coach through interviews about your biographical experience so far.  We will focus on certain aspects of your life and help you create a structured daily journal of observations to use as a basis for the coaching sessions.

The net result of Biovision will be similar to Astrovision, though we will not have the same level of insight into the forces that are impacting you.

Besides Individual Coaching, ALC conducts groups sessions:

Small Group: Practices for breathwork, meditation and contemplation. This entry level service is offered both online and onsite. You can join an existing group or form your own group (minimum 5 and maximum 9 per group). Frequency of these group sessions is weekly.


Advanced Advaita Life Practice Course: Nine week intensive course (based on the Bhagavad Gita) for those who already are in individual coaching for at least six months. The course deepens individual practice while minimizing need for ongoing coaching.

Advaita Life Coaching Teacher’s Training Course: A twenty-one week intensive based on the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and writings of Adi Shankara, Ramana Maharishi and other major authors of Advaita Vedanta. This course is meant for those who wish to pursue Advaita Life Coaching as a part of their career path.  Course includes practical training in the ALC coaching process, from conducting a series of small group sessions and individual tailored coaching sessions. Prerequisite:  Advanced Advaita Life Practice Course and interviews with current Advaita Life Coaches.