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What is Advaita Life Coaching?

A Synthesis of Advaita Approach with Twenty-First Century Tools

The ALC process combines concepts and tools from the Indian Advaita traditions and twenty-first century American planning and strategy methods. The process starts when you take the small step to articulate, by responding to a brief questionnaire, how balanced you perceive you are in the work, relational and money spaces – the three theaters in which you play roles.

We assess your responses in terms of where you may be in the gunas (experience-potential) framework, and where the perceived imbalances may exist between the roles you play in the professional, relational and financial theaters. As part of the assessment, we provide a reflection to help you become more aware of what a balance between the roles in the three theaters may look like for you.

When you decide to explore ALC coaching further, you will begin to develop an integrated view of your own path of balance between and among work, relational and money spaces. Your coach will help you become aware of how the roles you play are being enabled by your gunas (experience-potential) make up, and how you can re-prioritize and refine the roles to improve your balance and efficiency. Eventually, you will learn to monitor these by yourself.

From then on, you generate the dynamic by which to bring your gunas into balance, a dynamic that constantly changes as your awareness of your roles and theaters of action change. Your coach will help you refine your awareness through an ever-more subtle and precise sense of the categories and concepts: ahaara (consumption), yajna (setting up of action environments), tapasya (focused prioritized action), and daana (giving of a part of the results obtained through focused actions). We will work with you to clarify your current priorities and suggest a set of tailored contemplative practices designed to help you focus better and create the momentum you seek to move toward your goals.

Along the way, the ALC coach also supports your disciplined actions and, in parallel, as you begin to see results, may suggest refinements on the execution of your plan.

This process will, if followed with shraddha, passionate commitment, in a surprisingly short time bring about deep sea changes in your life, including more effective and less stressful actions, and greater self-awareness and peace of mind. 

You may at any point, of course, take the gains you have made and “cash in,” on the clarity and momentum you have gained.  Certainly, even if you do stop at an early point in the ALC process, you will still experience results on the material plane, and there is nothing wrong with this.  But if you are serious about stepping fully in to the subtle striver role, the tools that the ALC process will provide will still be essential to helping you define and stabilize your ground.

What is Advaita Life Coaching?