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Three Pre Requisites to Study of Advaita

There are 3 requirements that are a pre-requisite for study of Advaita teachings. These arise from the psychological constitution of humans -- nothing mysterious here.  

Here’s an example. Humans require two legs to be able to walk considerable distances. That is the physiological nature of humans and how they are able to navigate their body by overcoming gravity (vertical constraint) and any vertical obstacles they may come across.

Learning Advaita teachings requires focused concentration for long periods of time to observe and listen to subtle logical statements and then experiment with using those statements as tools to reflect upon and deconstruct mental models that we use all the time while interacting with the world. Deconstructing these models allows you to detach from false scripts of what is success and failure, of likes and dislikes, of greed and fear. Advaita Life Practice gives you the ability to develop and deepen:

1. An inner drive to spend time and energy in inquiry about one’s own nature, therefore empowering yourself to act positively without fear or greed.

2. Ability to prioritize time / making time available by minimizing distracting activities. 

Sustained periods of introspective reflection help with growth in the external world. This is possible in your life--even just for ten minutes a day--in the busiest and most overworked lives in the 21st Century. If you have time to read this, you have time to spend to go within yourself. 

3. Using time efficiently for reflection and deconstruction of accumulated, often confusing mental models towards a greater understanding of our place and path in this lifetime, so we can be the best and most balanced versions of ourselves. 

Advaita Life Coaching will teach you how to seed, nourish and cultivate the accomplishments of these three requirements, so that the Advaita aspirant may undertake the study of Advaita teachings successfully. ALC does not claim to offer the study of Advaita teachings themselves. Rather we fully prepare and equip the aspirant to begin the study of Advaita teachings. 

A by-product of such preparatory internal development and activity is an ability to lead a more productive and effective day to day life. Participate in Advaita Life Coaching for six months: you will be more in control of yourself and your environment.

Advaita Life Coaching offers extensive guided meditations and visualizations in addition to mantra yoga (chanting), pranayama (breath yoga) and chakra balancing in the framework of a nourishing coaching process developed by Jayant Kalawar.

Ancestral yogic practice, pranayama, philosophy, and physical asana combined with precise understands of the modern physical, emotional, and spiritual climate in the 21st Century.

These powerful and transformative workshops can be in person, over Skype, email, or over the phone. We also host workshops and meetings in NYC and NJ. 

Support self-published, intergenerational, ancestral creation and healing in the 21st Century. Get your own copy of the Advaita Life Practice, by Jayant Kalawar, and be calm within. 

Peace and thanks for reading!