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When Life Gives You Mercury Retrograde: February 6th – February 28th 2014


We practice the Sidereal tradition of Vedic astrology -- an ancestral interpretation of the planets that was passed down to late grandfather and now to my father. This is study of different planetary and star-pulls of our Universe in relationship to each of our own personal constellations. The following is a general analysis -- birth chart analysis is much more in-depth, multidimensional, and specific. If you are interested in that work, let me know. It is a great experience and modality of self-study.

The planetary impact is based on where your Ascendant was when you were born, in the Sidereal Jyotish astrology. If you do not know where your Ascendant is, you can connect with me and I will get it to you. We want to spread a sense of control over our own destinies. It benefits all of us.


Aries: Feb 6th to 18th is a time to visit with older siblings, mentors from the past, and check in with long term investments.

Feb 19th to 28th be careful about making any moves about your career and social status. Watch what you say and how your words fall at work or in social settings.

Taurus: Feb 6th to 18th is a time to be cautious about your social standing both at work and play: minimize being defensive under perceived attacks. Feb 19th – 28th would likely find you in touch with father figures and ethical questions, in some apparently tense situations. 

Gemini: Feb 6th to 18th may get you into disagreements with your boss at work or elders at home. Be calm and patient. Feb 19thto 28th may see some tension with those you owe money or some favors.

Cancer: Feb 6th to 18th is a time to carefully revisit and manage your debts from the past, whether in cash or in kind. Feb 19th to 28th may see arguments with your significant other or business partner: be calm and patient.

Leo: Feb 6th to 18th is a time to make sure your closest personal and business relationships do not descend into needless disagreements and arguments. Feb 19th to 28th may see some tensions simmering in your workplace teams which may impact your health as well.

Virgo: Feb 6th to 18th may be a time when your team, whether at work, play or home,  is not fully supportive of you. Manage with patience. Feb 19th to 28th will be time to calmly manage issues with your romantic interest if you are in the dating scene or young children, if you are a parent. 

Libra: Feb 6th to 18th will likely see some tense conversations with your romantic interest or young children. Go back into times past to remember how you can manage these situations calmly. Feb 19th to 28th may see some arguments simmer with maternal figures in your life or it may be as mundane as the home repairs that you have been postponing that you can no longer ignore.


Devi on Vellum. Turmeric+Ink on Vellum. 2013. 

Scorpio: Feb 6th to 18th is a time to focus on managing and taking care of your mother and your home. Feb 19th to 28th may see you in unnecessary arguments with your friends or younger siblings.

Sagittarius: Feb 6th to 18th re-connect with friends from the past and also focus on what is happening with your younger siblings. Feb 19th to 28th is a time to focus on your immediate family and taking care of any financial issues.

Capricorn: Spend Feb 6th to 18th on making sure all your tax papers or bank credit related papers and accounts are in place. Manage any disagreements with spouse and children with patience. Feb 19th to 28th may find you in two minds and not quite able to communicate clearly. A low key quiet approach will help overall during this period.

Aquarius: Feb 6th to 18th is an ideal time for retreat and meditation, to help you go over past year or so to see what has worked and what has not. Feb 19th to 28th may see some confusion and potential loss in terms of credit availability, relationship with children or romantic interest. Pay careful attention and manage this period patiently.

Pisces: Feb 6th to 18th may see some disturbing disagreements with your closest relationships, whether personal or business. This confusion may then spread in the Feb 19th to 28th to include older siblings and authority figures. A testing time to be managed with careful patience.



Journey in Sat-Chit-Ananda (Being - Consciousness - Bliss)  by Alice Coltrane


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What is Mercury Retrograde Doing To You: June-July 2013

Mercury is seen to move retrograde in the skies three (sometimes four) times a year, for about three weeks each time. Mercury will be seen to be in retrograde motion between June 26th and July 20th this year in Gemini (by the Sidereal (as compared to Tropical) method of charting the skies, which is used by NASA as well in their sky mapping).

Folks who have used my Astrovision coaching services have been calling back to ask me how they will be impacted by this particular retrograde. So here is a quick Astrovision guide to the current Mercury retrograde (get your Ascendant signs out! If you want to know your ascendant sign contact AdvaitalifecoachATgmailDOTcom ):

Aries ascendant: This Mercury retrograde will primarily impact communication with your siblings and friends and may create misunderstandings about daily routines. The secondary impact will likely be on being a little less lucky than usual – that is chances of things not coming together at first try are higher.

Taurus ascendant: This Mercury retrograde will impact your expected income levels due to communication issues. Misunderstandings within immediate family will also likely rise. Secondary impact will be on an increased sense of foreboding about an uncertain future.

Gemini ascendant: During this Mercury retrograde period you will sense that while you have well thought out your message for the moment, when you open your mouth something confusing and garbled comes out – which is surprising for someone like you who is seen to be an above average communicator. Secondary impact will be our closest personal and business relationship issues.

Cancer ascendant: Mercury retrograde during June-July 2013 will see increased sense of uncertainty in general, in business and personal matters. A secondary set of confusions will arise in the workplace through miscommunications and misunderstandings.

Leo ascendant: This Mercury retrograde will cause a few confusions in some expectations that you may have from your network of people in authority and older siblings. Any new contacts you may establish at this time will have to be revisited again next month to clear any misunderstandings. Secondary impact on romance and some tensions with your children.

Virgo ascendant: During this Mercury retrograde you will feel the impact mostly on issues relating your career and social status. Secondary impact on things related to home and misunderstandings with the mother figure in your life.

Libra ascendant: Mercury retrograde during June-July 2013 will see things not coming together at the first try and for no apparent reason. Secondary impact will be on communication with your siblings and friends.

Scorpio ascendant: This Mercury retrograde will cause a free floating anxiety about things unknown with a general sense of uncertainty. Secondary impact will be felt on communication about income.

Sagittarius ascendant: Confusions and misunderstanding with personal and business partners will be felt during this Mercury retrograde. A secondary experience of confusion in your own mind about which direction to go in will also be present.

Capricorn ascendant: Workplace confusions and misunderstandings will be the hallmark of this Mercury retrograde for you. Secondary impact will be a vague free floating anxiety about the unknowns in your life.

Aquarius ascendant: Misunderstandings in your romantic life or with your children are likely to be the main theme of this Mercury retrograde for you. You will also feel some confusions arise with those in authority and older siblings as well relatively new friends during these few weeks.

Pisces ascendant: Home and mother figure related confusions will disturb your peace of mind during this Mercury retrograde. A secondary effect will be felt through minor irritations arising regarding your career status and social standing.

Jayant Kalawar is the author of The Advaita Life Practice, available at Amazon.