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Art in Relationships


We see art as a sketch, a painting. A sculpture. That is visual art. So is creative writing, though with audio of the creative prose and poetry, it makes can make its impression on us through sounds.Performance art is more complex: it makes an impression on us visually and through sounds. Whether it is live music, dance, theatre or film - and all of it as video. Through the art we tell ourselves a story, a mix of what the artist wants to to tell us, perhaps, overlaid on stories that we already carry in us. The artist leaves an impression with us.

In relationships we create and leave impressions on each other. Only in the case of relationships, the canvas is multi-fold: our body, our emotions and our intellect come into play when we create and leave impressions on each other. We do it each time when we interact and relate with each other - in the myriad roles we play in our families, in our romances, with friends, at work, at business and at play.

What is we were to see relationships as being a creative process of leaving impressions on each other? What if we were to create and leave peaceful and calm, energizing and fulfilling impressions through our art work in relationships?

Would that be art in the realm of relationships?

Advaita Life Coaching offers extensive guided meditations and visualizations in addition to mantra yoga (chanting), pranayama (breath yoga) and chakra balancing in the framework of a nourishing coaching process developed by Jayant Kalawar.

Ancestral yogic practice, pranayama, philosophy, and physical asana combined with precise understands of the modern physical, emotional, and spiritual climate in the 21st Century.

These powerful and transformative workshops can be in person, over Skype, email, or over the phone. We also host workshops and meetings in NYC and NJ.