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Awakening to Daily Experience: Letting Go and Re-Inventing

Aham-kara (the I-ness) is something that arises as I awake. For the first few microseconds of waking there is no sense of being separate.

Then the Aham vibration arises and suddenly there is a distinction between I, the experiencer, and all that I experience through my bodily senses.

But that experience still makes no sense. So for the next few micro seconds I know now that I am separate from the experience. But I do not have any sense of what that experience is. It has no names and therefore no forms and no meanings.

Then the I, the Aham, connects with Memories.

The Memories rise / connect fully and I am "fully awake" now. Jagrut.

The Memories connect a profile to the Aham: Who I am, What I am, What I have done in the past, What I am supposed to do today. All of the Memories with its names and forms dawn on the Aham, connect with the I.

The I, the Ahamkara, is now fully risen and has an identity that is ready for action.

The Actor gets ready to act in the theater of the day.

With streams of meaning-full thoughts cascading down, providing scripts for the day.

The Sadhaka, the spiritual striver, takes time to contemplate. It is very hard work to slow down in the face of the torrent of thoughts waiting to be acted out.

But contemplation every morning is a must.

Contemplating to let go of some of the thoughts, which want to be the scripts of the day.

Re-inventing others and re-focusing the day’s scripts so that today also ends up being one more small step towards Vairagya, distancing from likes and dislikes, the slow and steady giving up of desires, fears, narrow identities.

One more day, one more small step towards Anant Ananda: ever -lasting Joy.

Jayant Kalawar is the author of The Advaita Life Practice, available at Amazon.