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Meditation for Breakfast 

This is the 4th article in the series "What are you really acting out(in your daily life)?", contemplations on Chapter 2 of the Advaita Life Practice, by Jayant Kalawar.

In the last meditation we moved into the plane of infinite subtle body--Manas, Chitta, Buddhi--and locating the compassionate Observer(Sakshi) in our daily lives and practice.  Chitta is our collection of physical memory: histories, legacies; traumas, milestones, imprints that inform identities. It is how we sensually understand the world, and how the world understands our bodies at this moment in space-time.  Manas is the lake of thought, which is informed by both our Chitta as well as our subtle body awareness and navigation -- called Buddhi.  Advaita life practice guides one towards becoming a compassionate observer or Sakshi, through developing our Buddhi capacity even as the physical Self consumes.

In the Advaita Life Practice, Kalawar interprets and describes our subtle body--slouched at a tiny desk, speeding up snowy stairs, enjoying a loopy brunch--as:

Earth energy (Prithvi)

Fire energy (Tejas)

Water energy (Jal)


The way we differentiate these terms from the physical, literal interpretation is to call them five elemental energies: space energy, air energy, fire energy, water energy, and earth energy. This is how the subtle body is described in the Bhagvad Gita.

These Five Elemental Energies are the functioning environment for the Advaita Life Coaching framework and methodology.

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras add 10 basic body functions to this group of 5 elemental energies: 

Jnanendriyas (Inputs), or cognitive functions are: Hearing, Touching, Smelling, Tasting, Seeing. 

Karmendriyas (Outputs), or human action-functions are: Grasping, Moving, Eliminating, Speaking,  Reproducing.

We constantly produce physical signals and act upon them. Playing the piano, for example, is a combination of reading, hearing and moving functions. Together, the cognitive input (jnanendriya) and action output (karmendriya) functions are the core of the human manifestation.  We observe these ten basic body expressions and functions at any given moment.

This is just one of the ways we begin to acknowledge our subtle body. Once we get to know the properties of our subtle body, we are on our way to becoming Sadhakas--subtle strivers--in our Universe.

A Subtle Striver, a Sadhaka, is someone who is consistently working on building that awareness, and observes how these internal, subtle shifts impact our external, material life in each instant. Utilizing the framework that Advaita provides, we begin to meet exciting and shifting vocabularies of interacting with our environments.

The Advaita approach is experiential, empowering, and frees one through practice, striving, stumbling.

The first step towards practicing awareness of these basic energies is a sustained contemplative practice. We call this work Sadhana

|||Lady of the Crown, Anuva Kalawar 2013|||

Meditation for Breakfast

(a short special Advaita Life Coaching reflection on hunger and observation as you replenish over the weekend):

Take 8 slow breaths from the base of your spine to the top of your head -- from Mother Earth's red roots up to the Cosmos and soft violets. Relax in your seated position and reflect on the grasping energy that we call hunger.

Where does it sit within?

The subtle energy of hunger has a cycle of its own within our own bodies.

This could be hunger for food, hunger for information, hunger for experience, for regurgitated memories. See, feel where your hunger is holding you.

As we contemplate and guide awareness to that place, we begin to notice how the grasping energy impacts cycles of energies that drive our physical senses.

List and name the expressions and functions you are feeling and bring yourself to the present moment.

Remember that the Five Elemental Energies that are always flowing through you.

Contemplating our daily actions and activities, decisions and desires help us return to Sakshi, the observer, within ourselves. Here we untangle desires, fears, histories of identities. We let go of frameworks of considering ourselves and re-learn a multidimensional, subtle in-the-world, mindful way of considering our Self. We remember our creative potential. 

Take your time with Sadhana; take your time in striving. Meditation, breathwork (pranayam), yoga movement asanas, chanting are precious techniques that work to sustain prana, qi, energy -- the brilliant light that all people hold and deserve towards navigating and flourishing with our planet.

Advaita Life Coaching offers extensive guided meditations and visualizations in addition to mantra yoga (chanting), pranayama (breath yoga) and chakra balancing in the framework of a nourishing coaching process developed by Jayant Kalawar.

Ancestral yogic practice, pranayama, philosophy, and physical asana combined with precise understands of the modern physical, emotional, and spiritual climate in the 21st Century.

These powerful and transformative workshops can be in person, over Skype, email, or over the phone. We also host workshops and meetings in NYC and NJ. 

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Peace and thanks for reading!