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Contemplating Earth Every Day

So, how to contemplate on Earth Day? I was reminded in many ways on various media that today, April 22nd, was Earth Day. It does not mean tomorrow will not be Earth Day, yes?

Contemplation is being connected with our experience of the moment. What is Earth in our experience? Earth is the force field we all walk in, talk in, sleep in, every moment we are alive. Even those who have gone into space have been tethered on to Earth (ok may be the few who went to the Moon. But then we will contemplate on Moon, soon). We gave Her force field a name: gravity. And by giving our experience a name, we distanced ourselves, broke the contemplative action. Which is the hunger that drives us to declare something Earth Day and use more words and distance ourselves even more in the confusion.

When you sit for contemplation, and go into Dharana, where are you? If not in Earth's loving embrace? Yes, she gives us our food too. And our energy. And channels the water we need. All through Her force field. And from time to time, She shakes things up just a bit! She makes sure the air we need to breathe is around us, not flying away into space!

Well, actually the shell we walk around in, our body, is nothing but Her parts shaped together to make each one unique too! And when comes time to give up the shell, it goes back to Her.

So every day spend at least a few minutes to sit and contemplate: She is the Mother in whose embrace you always are. And the Mother does not ask for a day in Her name. She is there for you always, as long as you are breathing. The umbilical cord with Mother Earth is never severed.


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