Nature and Nurture: How to use Astrology as a tool for change and success
Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 3:49PM
Jayant Kalawar

You or someone you know has consulted an astrologer in the recent past. Or you have at least read your monthly forecast on the web. And another of your dear friends, the modern rationalist, chides you about being superstitious and giving up on your free will and your innate capabilities to bring change. So you (or your friend) go do your astrology surreptitiously. This article is for you. It tells you how astrology can be a constructive tool in your tool kit for making yourself successful in the twenty first century.

The framework within which to use Astrology, broadly, is nature and nurture. In other words, you are born with a certain set of cards, given by nature - whether it is your genes or how well and stable your birth family is. In Jyotish, the Indian Astrology, which I learned directly from my grandfather and father over the last 50 years, the set of cards you are born with is known as Prarabdha (pronounced Praa-rub-dhaa). But that is not all. You are also given a set of capabilities to be autonomous in this world, to make your independent mark on it: instinct to survive physically, be creative, be courageous and ambitious, be compassionate, articulate, communicate, introspect / contemplate, plan ahead and to withdraw from the world to rejuvenate. This is called Purushartha (Puur-oosh-aarthaa).

Your birth chart represents your Prarabdha, the cards you have been dealt with. An adept Astrologer reads your birth chart and begins a conversation with you to help you understand the cards you have been dealt at birth. Such a conversation with your astrologer can be most valuable for most people. Understanding one's own nature takes a life time of experience - and the right kind of birth chart reading can substantially and rapidly increase your control over your own life.

Such an approach to astrology does not focus on predictions -though it does tell you how the cards will play out if you don't do anything about it. And that is the key. Once you get to know how your cards are likely to play out if you don't do anything about it, you know what you want to change. Then you can start planning for how you are going to change. Which of your many capabilities, your Purushartha, you are going to bring into play. Astrovision coaching helps you identify which capabilities you want to bring into play, how to strengthen them and how to bring about the change you want and make yourself successful.

 Jayant Kalawar is the author of The Advaita Life Practice, available at Amazon.

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