Endless Endings
Monday, March 25, 2013 at 10:34PM
Jayant Kalawar in Career, College, Health, Marriage, Parenting, Retirement, Romance, Savings, School

A dear friend lost his baby to a disease. There is no cure.

The twins lost their father to the twin towers.

They moved away. We lost touch.

We cannot pretend to know overwhelming sorrow that holds in bones of another.

Endings jerk us out of comfort zones. There is no warning.

I lost my job in 1992 when my children were beginning school.
I spent more time building a new career than with my babies. There was no time to

Just when we believe we are getting to completion, with desires full, we have to start all over again.

Endings that jolt us.

Endings, that make us aware of our messy selves.

Becoming aware
Of our messy selves.

Separate from
Everything else.

Cycles of desire
Ending with sorrows of separation.

Over and over

Relationships, work
And money
Striving for completeness.

Everything is permanent
Until it is not?

Are Endings
An exit from the dark
We keep missing
For we know not
The light?


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