Jayant Kalawar is the founder and director of Advaita Life Coaching, a practice that helps clients cultivate qualities to balance relationships, work and money through the wisdom of Non Dual (Advaita) traditions of India and the insight of modern problem solving methods. Jayant has developed a powerful step-by-step approach to staying in balance, primarily through chakra-based breath work, analytic understanding, contemplative visualization and meditative practice. His work differs from many in its combination of ancient and modern views, including an Advaitic understanding of life as "leela," a theater with many plays and many roles. Excelling in all these roles together requires the stamina of a marathon runner, and it takes both robust physical, emotional and spiritual health and great self-understanding. Kalawar holds a BS in engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology and an MBA from University of California, Berkeley. He has had a successful business consulting career spanning thirty three years in the U.S.A.

Jayant Kalawar is the author of The Advaita Life Practice, available at Amazon.

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