Advaita Life Coaching


Advaita Life Coach, Jayant Kalawar, is author of The Advaita Life Practice, now available on Amazon, offers powerful insights on how to live confidently and effectively in the twenty-first century. In this collection of essays Jayant Kalawar provides a sturdy and practical framework for a comprehensive life practice to nourish, develop resilience and sustain harmonious balance in the face of demanding relationships, financial pressures and work. Kalawar synthesizes learnings from the non-dual traditions of India, as interpreted in the Bhagavad Gita, with modern problem solving and planning methods with inspiring clarity. Discover how you can deepen your awareness potential to play your life roles excellently and always live a life of Action in Awareness.

 Advaita Life Coaching seeks to help you become more joyful, resilient and productive when facing challenges in your life: how to do more with less, navigate change and open up to new possibilities.

Advaita Life Coaching [ALC] is coaching rooted in the Advaita traditions of India and blended with the learnings of the twenty-first century American approach to problem solving.

Where ALC differs from most coaching practices you may encounter is in its understanding of life as "Leela," a theater with many plays and many roles in each play.

Most of us play on three stages simultaneously: relationships, work, and money. Excelling in the roles you choose or find yourself playing on each stage, in a balanced manner, requires the stamina of a marathon runner. That, in turn, requires robust physical, emotional and spiritual health.

The ALC approach coaches you to:

- Learn techniques to improve concentration & focus.

- Cultivate qualities to become effective in your relationships, at work & with money;

- Live a balanced & joyful life in the twenty-first century.

The focus of Advaita Life Coaching is to help you live to the best of your potential.

What are your personal strengths and what do you see as your weaknesses? How do we start talking about it? That is the starting point for rest of your first coaching session with Advaita Life Coach.

We may approach the discussion to the questions in one of two ways:

- Astrovision Coaching

- Biovision Coaching


1. Astrovision Sessions: Using your astrological birth chart based on birth date / time and location, we look at your strengths and challenges at your birth. We then talk about your experiences from birth until now, which may or may not have had a lasting impact on your personality.

Examples of what makes for a sense of yourself that we help you get in touch with are your sense of:

- stability, creativity, courage, physical energy, ambition, warmth towards those you work and play with


-  the depth and breadth of your ability to focus, articulate and persist thus making you capable of responding to opportunities and challenges which are presented to you every day, month, and year.

Once we work together to identify your inborn and acquired strengths and weakness , we start coaching you through a series of sessions to make you stronger and more effective in your life.